samedi 11 décembre 2010

French ammo on Pam 36

it's always hard to know if a strap will look good...but it is hard to go wrong with a french ammo.
Congrats Saimir, enjoy the combo, you have a great "special" Pam.
see you soon in Italy!

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McCarthy Time Instruments a dit…

Perfect. Notice the lovely color of this handcrafted French Leather. Just Perfect.

Septimus is the worlds finest leather watch straps. Period. I'm wearing one this second on a Prototype Alexis 6061-T6. What else would one do on a Sunday?

McCarthy Time Instruments a dit…


I have the billet aircraft grade 6061-T6 case almost done. Its wearing your Swiss Ammo 24mm strap you made for me. (I took it off the titanium case T-1..) So! I'm going to take a few pictures of the raw aluminum case before we anodize it green. It is a one of a kind. is all things you make. Hope you like it!

François a dit…

Hey denis,
what's up!
feel free to send some pics buddy!
really curious to see what the green case will be!

stay in touch Dude!!!

ps : thanks for your comments!

McCarthy Time Instruments a dit…

Fran.. Your the best. Thank you my friend.

I will send you the pictures very soon.

What are you going to make me next??!!!!

A black Swiss Ammo???? (Would be perfect for all colors!!)

Give it a try my friend!

François a dit…

that could be a great stuff!
really wanna see the color of the case, to have an opinion.

Keep the great work rollin' Denis!

McCarthy Time Instruments a dit…

Right on Bro...

Listening to some great music from Coldplay while keeping up with you a few miles away.. Man I wish you were next door...

So yes.. The Alexis 6061-T6 will allow a endless array of colors to be used. So we can use all sorts of Septimus Straps with our cases. A perfect combination... no? I'm thinking blue, green, yellow, and black.... maybe a nice light blue... what about you?

Take care bro.. stay warm.. say... how cold is it in France tonight? Here.. 18f.. = shit....

Its cold as a witches tittys face down in the ice etc.....

François a dit…

it was -2° celsius this morning.
pretty cold.
like the song "the scientist" by coldplay. it's a good one.
we will see the case dude.
if you can take a picture with sun light it will give a good idea of what we can do.

cheers dude.