mardi 31 août 2010

and now...AMMOs and LONDON Blog BURNER!!!!

Burgundy on the left...first pic of the London on the right.
the london is soft, smooth, very flexible for the a thickness of 4, or even 5 mm.
this is the best leather France provides...with no doubt!

On the left...the London.
on the right 1 swiss and 2 french ammos.

French 26/26 ammo on the left, non stamped Swiss on the right, apple thread.

stamped swiss ammo upside

stamped swiss ammo downside

French ammos -upside-
(you will notice the difference, one is made with the main body of the pouch on the left.
the other, on the right is thinner, it is made with the side of the pouch.)

French ammos -downside-

Edouard and Nick Ammos

Eh oui...en fait...même en vacances, ça strappe!!

lundi 30 août 2010

soon coming....

-Italian Ammo.
-German Ammo.
-project of strap for a 360BBQ.
-leather straps with a 10 months vegetal-tanning process in deep brown lightly nubucked and london color.

stay tuned...

lundi 23 août 2010


Where am i...looks like a scary place.

here, they work the "hides" with this electric tool in order to smooth the flesh of the hides.

this is to me where happens Magic. the "encollage" -preparation of the back of the hide- is done by hand.
It's the last place in France where they work that way.

took me an hour to choose wich ones i was going to take with me.
Thanks M. Tanner for your unbelievable patience.

to finally get to this...
i saw a lot of hides.
i could have post a much, much bigger post today, but i would have need an entire blog. This leather is the finest i ever got the chance to see.
Many operations done by hands in this tannery are not done anymore in France.
In this area, tanneries used to be the economical power.
This is the last one, and i am so glad they didn't close.
They are not on the internet because they don't need it; and have a fully load of orders from the finest -and some very famous- french brands.
From the slaughterhouse until the London leather hides everything is done here.
there is a "know-how" from the workers that has been transmitted for centuries,
a passion for vegetal-tan leather -and nothing else!-.
When you can "make" a leather hide -chrome tanned- in one day, the "london" takes 10 months, but it has a charm, a softness, a warmth...second to no-other leathers.

the straps...will be stunning.
thanks for the Tannery's boss to have allowed me in during holidays, and also for his patience, and kindness.
France can be proud of its leather.

vendredi 20 août 2010

Swiss Ammo on the Hulk.

Courtesy of Kelvin, Singapore Risti.
it was great to meet you dude.
358 is really the magic number. enjoy the "sig 57" ammo strap.

jeudi 19 août 2010

wow...u guys just blowed up our mailbox!!

please...know that we are still on vacations.
we will see you guys on September.

mercredi 18 août 2010

The special one...

for someone special...

few words about the strap.
beginning of august, we were staring at the Hammer signature on
asked ourselves if it was possible to do something with the hammer logo and the Kangaroo it has.
Experience of sculpture really helped.
we were lucky to be in contact with MartinW.
As we didn't have Hammer's adress, and didn't know if he was gonna like it or not,
we sent some shots of the strap to Martin.
Martin really helped by giving a contact adress, and by telling us he would like it.

you will all understand that this strap won't be done again.
it would not mean anything...
But it was great to do.

Enjoy it Hammer.

mardi 17 août 2010

Pam 292 on the stitchless french ammo, with DLC buckle.

Courtesy of maxH. Dude you did a great job with the buckle!
I had to post those pics...even on vacations!!
Man..your combo is a rocket!

dimanche 15 août 2010

samedi 14 août 2010

Septimus en Vacances!! du son plein les oreilles!!

for the 15000 visitors! enjoy this French rock band wherever you are located in the world!!

jeudi 12 août 2010

still on vacations....still with the hotchkiss!

358 on french ammo, after 2 months of wearing.

vendredi 6 août 2010

2 years of research for that special place...

to finally get to the graal...
In the south of France, there is a little place, where they have been doing leather hides of an incredible Quality since the XIIIth century.
We finally were able to get the "Graal" leather.
a "half London dosset".
as they call it.
...that is what vacations are made for.

mardi 3 août 2010

crazy french ammo.

just few pics from holidays.
couldn't wait to show that one.
some water must have stayed in contact with the side of the Mat 49 pouch side we used to do this strap.
It gives it a special look!

dimanche 1 août 2010

To Martin Wilmsen...

Thanks to Martin Wilmsen for the time he took to do some shots of
our straps.
we love the pics taken by the french ristis -and the ristis worlwide-, we also love the pics taken by Martin, they have their own "signature".
Photography is like Music.
it's universal.
Martin succeed everytime to find the best lights and ambiance.
There is a lot of emotion in most of his shots.
After the exchange of few mails,
i can only say that.
1. i regret to not have sent Martin some straps sooner.
2. Before being a great photograph, Martin is a great Paneristi, someone very kind, very open-minded, it's a pleasure to discuss with him.
3. Martin adds something to Panerai watches, his pics couldn't be as great as they are without the passion he's got.
I hope someday, we will be able to see his pics in the Official panerai catalog,
it would be 100 times deserved...
so thanks again Martin.
it's an honour to be in your blog.