dimanche 1 août 2010

To Martin Wilmsen...

Thanks to Martin Wilmsen for the time he took to do some shots of
our straps.
we love the pics taken by the french ristis -and the ristis worlwide-, we also love the pics taken by Martin, they have their own "signature".
Photography is like Music.
it's universal.
Martin succeed everytime to find the best lights and ambiance.
There is a lot of emotion in most of his shots.
After the exchange of few mails,
i can only say that.
1. i regret to not have sent Martin some straps sooner.
2. Before being a great photograph, Martin is a great Paneristi, someone very kind, very open-minded, it's a pleasure to discuss with him.
3. Martin adds something to Panerai watches, his pics couldn't be as great as they are without the passion he's got.
I hope someday, we will be able to see his pics in the Official panerai catalog,
it would be 100 times deserved...
so thanks again Martin.
it's an honour to be in your blog.

2 commentaires:

Martin Wilmsen a dit…

Tres gentil, merci beaucoup mon ami :)

François a dit…

Het is ons die ik dank u Martin.
Dank u voor uw prachtige foto's.