mardi 31 août 2010

and now...AMMOs and LONDON Blog BURNER!!!!

Burgundy on the left...first pic of the London on the right.
the london is soft, smooth, very flexible for the a thickness of 4, or even 5 mm.
this is the best leather France provides...with no doubt!

On the left...the London.
on the right 1 swiss and 2 french ammos.

French 26/26 ammo on the left, non stamped Swiss on the right, apple thread.

stamped swiss ammo upside

stamped swiss ammo downside

French ammos -upside-
(you will notice the difference, one is made with the main body of the pouch on the left.
the other, on the right is thinner, it is made with the side of the pouch.)

French ammos -downside-

Edouard and Nick Ammos

Eh oui...en fait...même en vacances, ça strappe!!

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