mercredi 9 mars 2011

Support the "mouvement"!!!

strap and ride!!

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Chris a dit…

I love these straps more than others I have seen on the internet, and you have a very nice website here with unbelievable pictures. Do you have a dedicated order site with options, or is it an email only order? Thanks!

Chris a dit…

Very nice website with gorgeous pictures! Do you have a dedicated order site showing options, or is it email-order only? Thanks

François a dit…

hello Chris,
thanks for your nice comments.
i hope all the photographers whom took the pictures will be able to read them.
indeed they have talents.
In France and in all over the world, ristis do great pics!

as for your questions...
there is no other web site.
it is all by mail.
we have a limited production.
you can contact us on the mail adress on the right.

thanks for visiting the blog.