mardi 16 novembre 2010

French, Stitchless and Black ammo, swiss stamped ammo

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McCarthy Time Instruments a dit…

Hey Fran

Would it be possible to dye a Swiss Ammo black? Or perhaps find a original black swiss ammo pouch that has all of the really cool stamps like my swiss? I really like the black one... but it doesn't have the nice stamp work on the browns...

François a dit…

hey Denis,
some french ammos are black, they were originally dyed for the french "gendarmerie" who also used special Mat 49 submachine gun.
French ammos are stamped in the inside of the hide, so there is no visible stamp.
Technically it would be possible to dye a swiss stamped ammo because it is vegetal tanned leather.
we might try...
i keep u update on that subject.

McCarthy Time Instruments a dit…

Great Fran!

Don't you think that would look really nice?! I'm working on a all black version of the T-1. This one will be a 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum case anodized black with a black dial. A Black Swiss Ammo Septimus Strap would make it a kick ass rocket my friend!

François a dit…

anything would look good with your stunning cases!
i will try the dying process on a piece of a swiss pouch.
i'll keep u update.

cheers Man.