jeudi 7 octobre 2010

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccckkkkkk...we are!

Alors...on avait oublié ma trombine...tu vas la ruiner cette cartouchière!!!

tu crois quoi...c'est registred Russellius!!!


3 commentaires:

McCarthy Time Instruments a dit…

Hey Fran

I can't read your posts when they are in French. I'm sorry I did not study this when I should have. Still we are friends. ...I really would like to learn this. I think I will.

mark a dit…

lovely patina...i hope mine will have that as well

François a dit…

hello Denis,
here is the translation : forgot my face...
you're gonna ruin this ammo pouch!!!

what do you's "registred russelius"!!!

well, keep me update when u get it Mark!!
(sent on the 27/09/10)
Quezon city is pretty far!!

cheers to both of you!