vendredi 4 juin 2010

Ammo straps on tour...

on this picture, you can see some straps without owners.
from left to right :
1/ swiss ammo from a "sig57" pouch "no stamp" 24/24, 135/80, 4mm thickness.
very flexible. pouch was made in 1962.
2/ french ammo from a "Mat49" pouch "no stamp", 26/26, 140/77, 4mm thickness.
pouch was made in 1973.
3/ swiss ammo stamped "E. Zoss Sattler Neuenegg" from the year 1967. 24/24, 140/77,
approx 4mm thickness.
4/ french ammo from a "Mat49" pouch "no stamp" 24/24, 140/78, 5 mm thickness.
also made from the early seventies.
5/ swiss ammo stamped "1967" : SOLD.

Ammos come with their stainless steel 316L tubes -exept the 26/26- , with their sewn-in buckle- gpf style and engraved, also sending costs are included wherever you are located in the world.

ps : straps are all 100% hand-cut and hand-stitched in France.
pps: french ammos have no stamp as they are marked on the inside of the hides.

thanks for reading.

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